Chinese Food in Kherson

Would you like to enjoy topnotch Chinese nosh and taste the delicious specialties of that Far East country? Family restaurant «Al Capone» will easily implement your desire, because you can now order a home delivery of Chinese food! Food that is quickly and quality-cooked by our chefs, has a luxe taste, fabulous aroma and a pleasant esthetics. Moreover, such kind of food is really healthy and useful, because it does not contain copious amounts of fat; instead it has a lot of vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Chinese food in boxes

Chinese food in boxes – is a high-quality, natural and fresh food! Chinese nosh dishes will be optimal and affordable solution for a snack in the office, lunch at home or dinner with close friends. Chinese boxes from «Al Capone» restaurant contain the most viewy dishes seasoned with Chinese traditions and our Ukrainian zest. We retain the classic taste of oriental dishes, but make it "understandable" for the Ukrainians. Discover in a new way a delicious fried rice, try our highlight - traditional noodles with the original additives, make a feast of chicken meat or pork in fragrant sauces. Forget about harmful fast food! Chinese Food - is the key to your well-being and sunny mood.

The main ingredient of our dishes is noodle, which is fantastically popular in Chinese nosh. It is a versatile product, which is surely loved by all Chinese people without exception. It can be boiled, added in first courses and salads, fried. That is why our restaurant could not ignore such an all-liked product. Get to know in what way the udon noodles are different from rice noodles, and taste one of the most useful types of noodles – buckwheat noodles! As fillers, you can select vegetables, veal, pork, chicken and seafood. Our noodles will not harm your slender figure, but will energize for the whole day. We do not limit the choice of our customers on that, so we offer you a delicious rice with vegetables and seafood. Any spread in a Chinese family will not be held without that ingredient. It is used in sushi and rolls, soups and salads, side dishes and even desserts. This Chinese food is nutritious and filling, but at the same time it is not heavy and greasy.


Chinese food delivery in Kherson, how to order home delivery

You can order Chinese food in boxes on-line by clicking the "I want" button or by phone numbers listed on website. Our menu has a wide selection of various dishes and is constantly updated with new positions. Chinese food delivery is carried out by experienced couriers, who will bring your lunch or dinner to any area of Kherson city. We will beat any traffic jams and shorten the time of order delivery up to one hour!

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